Jennifer Stone, M.A.

Psychic Astrologer based in Los Angeles

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"She's actually a really good psychic. Now I believe in all that psychic crap."

-Charlie, twelve year-old former skeptic and Magic The Gathering afficionado, from his below March 2015 testimonial



Where the magic (not as in "The Gathering") happens



Thank you to KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles for hosting me as their on-air guest.


Your free will allows you to make daily choices which consequently alter your future. Psychic predictions are simply the most likely outcome to your situation based on your current trajectory, your outlook on life, and the information contained within your energy at the time of the reading.

Predictions of future events, although highly sought after by most people, seldom encompass the most important aspects of a psychic reading. Although I can tell you if you are getting the job or if your ex will return, more integral for the client’s well-being and growth is ensuring that one is living up to his/her full potential.

If you sense disparity in your life, there are always solutions which a reading can uncover. Are you surrounding yourself with quality people? Do you trust your gut, your own intution?  Are you willing to take risks in order to attain your heart's true calling? Can you politely yet firmly say no to the demands of others when it’s more appropriate to make your own needs a priority? Sometimes all you need is an intuitive person with the gift of sight to help you see the forest for the trees.

Having learned to hone my abilities as an experienced and skilled professional psychic, I get tremendous satisfaction helping others make the most of their opportunities.

I have been invited to read for, whose rigorous standards allow for an acceptance rate of just 1 in every 150 psychics who apply.  I have read for, owned by identical twins Chinhee and Sunhee Park who are two of the best psychic mediums worldwide. I also read for a nationally recognized company (at whose request I am not allowed to disclose their identity) which accept 1 of every 50 psychics.



I would like to study at the internationally-known Arthur Findlay College in Essex, United Kingdom. Their psychic mediumship program is second to none. As you can see, I have a long way to go to secure the necessary funds, but I am intent on getting there. Please click on the below widget to learn more about my fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.



Millionaires           don't use astrology -- billionaires do.  

~J.P. Morgan