Jennifer Stone, M.A.

Psychic Astrologer based in Los Angeles


By nature I am a logical, down-to-earth person who has been blessed with a gift that, I believe, would be a waste not to use. If I did not do psychic readings myself, I might doubt it were possible to actually access this wisdom.

As I learned to hone my abilities as an intuitive, I realized that guidance from the spiritual realm is not spooky or even supernatural -- it is a natural part of life that can steer you toward fulfillment and improve your life in practical ways. All you need to do is awaken and develop it. I am inspired and honored to help others make the most of their potential and I look forward to helping you.


Please visit my Facebook page for tips and information about various topics related to Spirit, meditation, intuition, quantum mechanics, and current astrological condidtions.


Thank you to KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles for hosting me as their on-air guest.


You can also find me on California Psychics, a company that accepts only 2 of every 100 psychics who apply to work for them, followed by performing detailed background checks on all potential advisors to ensure we are legitimate and trustworthy.

I also have been invited to read for, who have been in business for over twenty years, and read for, owned by sisters who were voted best psychics in the U.S.







Millionaires           don't use astrology -- billionaires do.  

~J.P. Morgan